3 Little Birds 4 Life | Kurtis Hall Photographer LLC


3 Little Birds 4 Life | Kurtis Hall Photographer LLC

I was very excited to be apart of 3 Little Birds 4 Life.  So when it was to be apart of wish that was dealing with the St. Louis Blues, it was a win win!!

A Little bit about 3 Little Birds 4 Life:
Chances are that you’ve heard the captivating and peaceful lyrics from Bob Marley’s “3 Little Birds” sometime in your life – “Don’t worry about a thing ‘cause every little thing gonna be all right.” This song was the very essence of Guy “Tyler” Gifford, brother of our founder, Ashley Swip. Tyler had a unique way of making each and every person around him smile, laugh, and remember that everything would be all right, no matter what. When Tyler passed away November 2, 2010, the words from “3 Little Birds” were placed on his prayer card, and through his life, his caring nature, loving heart, and this song, 3 Little Birds 4 Life came to be.

3 little birds 4 life


If you are needing there services or looking to donate to this wonderful organization, I highly recommend it.

St. Louis Senior Photographer | Kurtis Hall Photographer LLC | Natalie

St. Louis Senior Photographer | Kurtis Hall Photographer LLC | Natalie

Natalie was a blast to work with!  We were able to start off the session on a wonderful farm, where we had access to barns, horses, and wonderful lighting.  After I work was completed at the barn, we hopped over to Lafayette High School where we took advantage of the soccer field to crank out some amazing shots!

st. louis senior photographer

Natalie was absolutely stunning, and with her love for soccer, I knew this shot would be one of my favorites of the year.  Also a big thank you to Natalie’s mom for being my “Lighting Technician”.  You’re honorary degree from the Kurtis Hall School of Photography will be in the mail soon.

Also, if you are at all interested in becoming a Senior Model for the class of 2015.  Please contact me as soon as possible.  I love to be your St. Louis Senior Photographer.

St. Louis Senior Photographer LLC | Kurtis Hall Photographer LLC | Lafayette Senior Natalie

Saint Louis Senior Photographer | Kurtis Hall Photographer LLC | SLUH Senior – Adam

So Mr. Adam here has been helping me out for a couple years now.  He has held light stands, carried bags, fetched camera gear, and heck has even captured some images and video.  Adam displays the values you that SLUH teaches all their young men.  I couldn’t have asked for a better assistant to have work for me.


We knocked out his Senior session before the rain came in.  The edgy, urban surroundings was a wonderful backdrop for Adam’s Senior Photography session.  Though I choose not to shoot on railroad tracks for safety reasons, mom had made it very clear that there was a certain image that she wanted.  It’s the same image that Adam’s dad has from his youth!  How cool is that?


Please feel free if you have any Saint Louis Senior Photographer needs.

Kurtis Hall Photographer | Saint Louis Senior Photographer | SLUH Senior Adam


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