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Better late then never, and missing the opportunity all together.

High school senior photography is more popular than ever.  Both parents and their children are wanting a more personable, stylized experience that meets each kids personality.  Senior photography is not what it used to be.  Before you had sat in the the studio, they snapped like 10 shots and you were done.  You should be wanting more!!  High school senior photography is a whole new ball game.  Well it is true that most schools have to still use the contracted photographer for the yearbook photo.  More and more kids are breaking the mold and going to a boutique style photographer that has much more to offer.

Melissa came to me right after graduation, she picked the urban feel for her personalized session.  Melissa’s Urban session allowed me to use the colors and textures that Downtown St. Louis had to offer.  Some places we chose have been favorites of mine for a long time.  One of the spots we utilized was an open parking lot with some trailers left behind.  Anna “worked” it to get some amazing imagery.  We also visited the Old Train Depot on the Riverfront.  Which used to be more sketchy, but now with the new bridge being erected the security has been much more visible.

I wish Melissa the best in the next part of her journey.  Especially since she will be attending MIZZOU!!  MIZ—ZOU!!  Hopefully she will be able to meet one of my favorite people, Truman the Tiger.  Also, even though it is tempting Shakespeare’s Pizza is not appropriate meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner all in the same day.

If you are looking to have a similar experience to Melissa’s Senior Photography Session Please feel free to contact me.

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