St. Louis Engagement Session | Sara & Brad

St. Louis Engagement Session | Kurtis Hall Photographer LLC | Sara & Brad

When meeting Sara last year, there was an instant click.  We had many similarities and even friends that were all tied to the AAU Volleyball.  Yes, I did play Volleyball and was actually pretty good about 100 lbs ago, it was fun seeing how we were all tied together in one way or the other.

For their St. Louis engagement session, we actually traveled outside of the city and went to the little town of Collinsville, IL.  We stopped at Willoughby Heritage Farm, which provided a wonderful back drop which was exactly what we were looking for.  It had barns, tractors, chickens, oh and tire swings (which may have made Brad a little bit woozy).

st. louis engagement session - Kurtis Hall Photographer LLC

Back to the Barn and the tractor…

I truly love this shot with Sara & Brad on the tractor.  As soon as I saw it, I was immediately drawn to both of their looks.

St. Louis Engagement Session - Kurtis Hall Photographer LLC

I wish I could attend their Florida ceremony, but instead I will be ready to rock their Creative session and their reception that will be held in our area.  Make sure to check out their personal website HERE.


St. Louis Engagement Session | Sara & Brad | Kurtis Hall Photographer LLC

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