St. Louis Wedding Photographer | Kurtis Hall Photographer | Bridget & Drew

St. Louis Wedding Photographer | Kurtis Hall Photographer LLC | Bridget & Drew

So I am always humbled and honored, when friends from my past contact me to be their wedding photographer.  Knowing Bridget from our humble days of Select volleyball, we have remained in touch for 16 years.  Yeah Bridget, Volleyball was that long ago!!

We had an amazing day, beginning at Bridget and Drew’s home, where the ladies after getting their hair done with Nikki,  put on their finishing touches of makeup with Heather – Facesbyheather .  She had a wonderful two piece dress that seemed to made just for her.

The Ceremony took place at St. George Church in Affton.  The traditional stylings of the church truly made a wonderful backdrop.

Being a St. Louis Wedding Photographer, I am well aware of the unpredictable and ever changing conditions.  This November day did not disappoint.  It may have been a bit on the chilly side, but in my eyes the conditions were perfect. Even had some wonderful fall colors left to work with.  After a brief stint in Forest Park, we then traveled to Downtown St. Louis at the plaza at North 8th Street.  This Plaza has become a favorite place for the downtown atmosphere.  After leaving the plaza, we wanted one last night time shot, so we headed to the top of one of the only hills in Downtown and were able to fire off a few “Edgy Shots”.  “Making it Sassy”

We finally ended up at Orlando Garden’s in South County.  When I first walked in, I noticed an amazing Candy Bar.  Getting a little bit closer, I noticed that all the candy was purple.  I thought it was a great touch, so I had to sneak a little piece before others got there, and I will have to admit that Grape Licorice is now my new favorite candy.

The Live band created a kick ass dance floor, and despite a small wardrobe malfunction, everything went off perfectly.  I wish the very best to both Bridget and Drew, and thank you for letting me be your St. Louis Wedding Photographer.


St. Louis Wedding Photographer | Kurtis Hall Photographer LLC

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