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So I didn’t get to see Julie and Nick actually getting married, but they did choose me to be their St. Louis wedding photographer!!

Here’s the story:

Julie and Nick got married in Hawaii a month before their actual reception here in St. Louis where I was able to photograph them.  I was able to keep in touch with them via social media, and appeared to be a wonderful ceremony.  If I was available during that date I would have been on the first plane to the island.


They had a reception here and had me as their St. Louis wedding photographer.  We got ready at their home where they had their hair and make up done.  After that we met up at at Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals.  Just a quick step away was Paddy O’s Bar.  It is the first place where Julie and Nick first met, and were able to cool off from 100 degree day.  We also traveled to Forest Park and was able to take advantage of the Muny Box office.  The actual reception was held at St. Louis University High School’s brand new commons area, where the Father of the bride has been a teacher and baseball coach of the Jr. Bills Baseball team.

Side Note:  I have known the family for many years.  The father of the bride was my Baseball coach for two years, and was able to compete and be involved with the family during my AAU Volleyball years (100 Lbs ago).  Since the father of bride has been such an influence on me, and my outlook on life, I was so excited when I was able to return the favor for his daughter.  During his welcome speach or toast, he did not disappoint in giving some of the best lessons in making a marriage successful.

I’m so thankful that I could be apart of their day and they chose me to be their St. Louis wedding photographer.


St. Louis Wedding Photographer | Kurtis Hall Photographer LLC

St. Louis wedding Photographer | Kurtis Hall Photographer LLC |

St. Louis wedding Photographer | Kurtis Hall Photographer LLC |


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